Warning: Attorney Stephen R. Jaffe Will Betray You

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Warning: Attorney Stephen R. Jaffe Will Betray You

April 17, 2021 Stephen R Jaffe 0


This is a public warning about attorney Stephen R. Jaffe.

He claims to be a False Claims Act whistleblower attorney.  If you’re considering approaching him to disclose sensitive information, he will betray your trust and violate your confidentiality.

In the process of approaching attorneys over False Claims Act cases, we engaged him.  What we got was an offer to represent us and then no further communication for days.  We sent one email asking if he could contact us, to which we got a one sentence response, “I will call you on Thursday or Friday.”  

Five days passed.  Instead of receiving a call as previously agreed, without our permission, he forwarded our communications to a former US attorney who represents Chevron, a gross violation of our trust.  He did not disclose the relationship with Chevron in the introduction.

If one views this site, it’s pretty easy to figure out why that’s a problem and the damage he could have caused to ToxicWasteSites.org if we’d not been familiar with the referred attorney’s vast history of environmental injustice against the people of Ecuador, on behalf of Chevron.

At no time did we authorize Jaffe to share our communications or story with any third party, much less a former fed and attorney for a gas and oil company.  This was a gross violation of our trust.  

If you are considering blowing the whistle, you have been duly warned.  Don’t do it. You will be betrayed with no apologies and your case will be destroyed, leaving you exposed to the wolves.