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Superfund Research & Beyond

Vanjam Productions Jon Meyer Launches Vicious Attack On ToxicWasteSites.org

  Vanjam Productions owner Jon Meyer is publicly targeting the work of our founder and .org. In his public interviews, he made repeated contradictory statements about Matthew Berdyck. Watch Video of Jon Meyer Being Dishonest Jon is part of a massive racist, Blue Lives Matter smear campaign against our .org, run by Columbus filmmaker Peter…
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January 6, 2024 0

Debunked: Matthew Berdyck Did Not Threaten To Blow Up Perry Nuclear Power Plant

The question that’s been on everyone’s mind is how did North Perry Village and Perry Nuclear Power Plant end up in the Nowhere Man film and published on Scumbagged.com to begin with? The answer to that question has been a mystery for many years but may have finally been solved. Years ago, an article appeared on…
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April 9, 2021 0

Matthew Berdyck: Peter John Ross Nowhere Man Film Likely To Increase Incidents At Perry Nuclear Power Plant

  On April 7th, 2021, police and federal agencies converged upon Perry Nuclear Power Plant, located in North Perry Village, Ohio, causing a massive public scare over what turned out to be a guy who had falsely claimed he had a bomb. This event immediately brought back memories of a prior incident that occurred in…
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April 8, 2021 0