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MBVR: Ernest Halcon Interview Companion

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Source: Ernest Halcon Interview

The Ernest Halcon MBVR interview, much like the rest of the smear campaign, is loaded with complete fabrications of reality. Over the years, it has been been the most listened to interview, by police and FBI; it’s been repeatedly used to plant disinformation into my back story.  The interview fully manufactures entire series of events and Halcon has never been questioned, by anyone, about its contents.

Ernest Halcon partially funded the development of Social Media Monster. He was an Associate Producer for the film but his name was scrubbed from the IMDb and subsequent marketing for the project because it’s evidence of police funding of a film which attacks my efforts to reform a police agency in Missouri or what would be an obvious bias, on the part of the director and Halcon, himself.

Much like the other interviews, there’s volumes of evidence that wholly reveal his willful deception, intent to manipulate. In many cases, it’s his own e-mails which prove this fact.  What follows is a companion to his interview which goes point by point and corrects false statements, offers more of the back story that was intentionally left out, and addresses the false version of history that he’s spread around the country, in his now almost decade long attempt to destroy my government transparency efforts, wreck my activism causes, protect crooked cops and elected officials, and discredit me.

This interview repeatedly admits that the MBVR campaign violates California cyber harassment statutes and is operated as two or more people engaged in this crime.

The interview is one half hour and the time references are at the beginning of each paragraph.

1:23 – I’d been living at this hostel on and off for over a year and had no problems with anyone there.  I’d recently returned from an east coast tour with then current Grammy Nominee Jordan Rudess.  The night before I returned, I’d been with a band called Get Shot, which featured the infamous female bass player, Laura, who masturbated on the front lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church.  The morning I returned, an employee named Tracy freaked out on me and started calling Laura a “yucky, nasty lesbian.”  Not wanting to be subject to this kind of bigotry, I checked out of the hostel, myself.  I did not start the incident, I was not asked to leave, and Halcon’s own e-mails state that he reviewed the incident and found I had left on my own and that the hostel owner had been dishonest.  I did not ask for $10,000.  At the time, I was making a music video for a Grammy Nominee, and lost an entire day of production, costing me over $300, also leaving me walking around Hollywood with nowhere to go.  In reality, I’d asked them to refund my money for the week long stay. 

2:26 – Halcon states that the people at the hostel told him I had a history of internet fights, and so on, but the hostel didn’t know anything about me; in reality, the hostel was repeating online allegations, published by Peter John Ross and others, which were part of the smear campaign that had been running against me for over a year, at this point.  When Tracy had started e-mailing me, after I’d left, she stated she Googled my name and learned “the truth” about me, after I was already gone.  In every case of people making allegations against me, Peter John Ross and “his friends” can be found to have been the source, demonstrating that Ross was causing madness to erupt in my life, via the use of disinformation, all the way back to 2012.

3:15 – At no time did I state I was a famous filmmaker.  In fact, most of the success that I had actually occurred in the years following this incident.  The music video for the Grammy Nominee was released weeks after the conversation with Halcon.  A month before its release, my text messages show that I’d been hired as a writer by a woman who worked on Modern Family, who was writing a film which was to star Billy Bob Thornton.  Six months prior, I’d experienced viral success with my environmental documentary Poison in the Grapes. There was no embellishment of my career, whatsoever, but Halcon repeatedly told me via e-mail that my career was “fake.”  He claims I sent him hundreds of e-mails, but we actually exchanged around 50 e-mails, a conversation, and this has become a feature of Peter’s scam, removing the fact that a conversation occurred and only counting — and exaggerating — the number of responses.  I did not contact anyone’s employers.  I’d published no one’s phone numbers and addresses.  I’d accused no one of murder.  In fact, I didn’t even form what would later become ToxicWasteSites.org, and become an activist — or list myself as one — until an entire year later.

4:50 – I was not in the middle of a child custody dispute with either of my children’s mothers.  At this point, I’d not seen or spoken to either of my children’s mothers in over six years.

5:07 – He contradicts himself when he says I asked for $500, after only minutes earlier stating that I’d demanded $10,000.  I’d lost over $300 in production time, and because the hostel wouldn’t return my money — he previously stated that my money was returned, which was false — I was $17 dollars short to rent another room and was essentially homeless and sitting a a Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd, with nowhere to go.  Halcon offered, himself, to give me $500 but continued to e-mail harass me and bully me, claiming I was a fraud.  At this point, the record reflects that I repeatedly asked him to cease all contact with me , but he would not stop e-mailing me.  I asked him at least 20 times to “stop contacting me.”  He would not relent.

5:54 – Missing information:  Halcon did not ignore me.  He aggressively e-mail harassed me until I looked him up and learned he was an investigator for the LA County DA’s office, and was representing himself as such.  At this point, I contacted Marc Beaart, then head of cyber crimes, and sent him copies of Halcon’s e-mails, including his offer to help me “commit suicide.”  Marc Beaart wrote back and told me via e-mail that Halcon could not be investigated for harassment because he was still listed as an active investigator for the DA’s office.  Halcon was included in the e-mails and when he saw the DA’s office e-mail chain, he immediately stopped harassing me.

6:05 During the Isla Vista mass shooting, citizens in Santa Barbara had written to me and complained about an article by Diane Dimond, that the shooting had occurred only 24 hours earlier, and she was spreading political rhetoric around the city where it had occurred. I’d written a letter to the editor.  He claims he learned of this from the internet after stating he was already in contact with Ross.

7:08 – At the time, Peter John Ross had his address listed for his film studio as Westerville, Ohio.  I’d contacted them requesting they assist me with asking Ross to stop publicly harassing me.  Peter posted that he was friends with the chief of police, had just had lunch with him and was able to prevent the police from intervening via this relationship (Ross confirms this in his own interview). It later turned out Ross was lying about the city where he was located, attempting to represent his office as located in a more affluent area than the run down place it’s actually located.  

7:56 – Even though Halcon places the DA’s office communication as occurring “months later,” the emails with Marc Beaart occurred during the initial incident with Halcon.  Marc Beaart stated that Halcon was an “active investigator” and did not tell me to “go away.”  Halcon claims a report was taken, and in investigation was opened, but no evidence has ever been presented that this happened.  In fact, the DA’s office has repeatedly denied any involvement with Halcon.

9:12 – Halcon claims that the DA was tracking my location and that I was in Virginia.  I did not move to Virginia until three years after the hostel incident, in 2016.  He’s claiming I was investigated for making a customer service complaint and asking for a refund from the hostel, which is not a crime.

9:17 – When I had initially Googled Halcon’s name, I’d located his Facebook profile, which listed him as living in Castaic, California.  At one point, I’d stopped in Castaic and thought I’d seen him at a gas station.  I did not post a photo of his house but he had a photo of it posted on his own Facebook page.  He’s obfuscating the timeline and spreading the 2 day long initial incident, over the hostel, across a period of years; he’s attempting to represent parts of the story as a long ongoing series of events but it really only lasted roughly only 48 hours.

9:45 – I did not implicate him in the death of Gary Webb — the journalist who exposed the the CIA brought crack cocaine into LA and later committed suicide — but I pointed out that with his offer to help me commit suicide that he had an odd connection to activists and journalists who had exposed federal corruption and had been encouraged to kill themselves.

10:25 – I had no contact with Halcon’s wife and had made no threats.  A public records search, conducted a year later, revealed that Halcon’s wife had been the subject of a class action lawsuit after a cosmetic product she had sold had blinded several women.  I’d only conducted the record search after seeing that Halcon had joined Ross in his smear campaign efforts. Halcon had just never went away, which is apparent from the fact that it’s 2022, nine years later, and he’s still making commentary about me.

11:12 – Halcon states that MBVR was formed, designed to feature their story in one place, and that it’s “really sparked a reaction,” which is true because they’re basically running a centralized disinformation campaign, featured in my search results. The campaign has caused waves of aggressive harassment towards me, not to mention that it’s destroyed hundreds of my causes around the country, for ToxicWasteSites.org, but Halcon’s statement directly addresses and confirms the infliction of emotional distress caused by their actions.

11:51 — In 2015, Diane wrote a false news article about me, published on Creators.com, which Ross used to back the filing of a frivolous restraining order he’d filed against me.  The case went on for 8 months and drained me of over $40,000, almost my entire budget for ToxicWasteSites.org.  This included money that was supposed to be used to expose the Flint Water Crisis, delaying the exposure, negatively affecting 45,000 African Americans, resulting in over 20 deaths.  Halcon knows exactly why I was angry.

12:17 – Erin Brockovich is, in fact, a drunk, a liar, and a fraud.  See: Her Nevada DUI and domestic violence arrest, while boating on Lake Mead.  I’m not the only person making these allegations against Erin.  NBC Bay Area reporters confirmed that I’m not alone in stating these things about her and that “We hear that a lot.”

12:42 – He propagates the myth that I have an intense desire to be famous and states he believes that I’ll commit a mass murder to obtain this fame — just after acknowledging that MBVR is inflicting emotional distress, no less — when I have zero desire to be famous, have stated this, and hate the attention that generating 10,000,000 readers has caused me to receive.  I have never stated that I’m going to become a mass shooter. I haven’t actually made insane allegations against Erin Brockovich.  I’m making the same allegations against her that everyone makes.  Considering that Erin and I are the only two continuously traveling activists in the country, I’d be deftly qualified to speak on her still endless, ambulance chasing, lawsuit schemes she engages is as an undisclosed paid spokesperson for Weitz & Luxenburg.  Calling her Big Bucks Brockovich is absolutely not crazy.  

14:34 – Halcon once again asserts the intense emotional distress inflicted upon me by the MBVR campaign then he says that I am dangerous and will commit a violent incident — I have zero history of violence against anyone, ever.  Even my own son will tell you I only spanked him once in his entire life — which begs the question, if Halcon is truly sincere in his assertion that I’m going to snap and start killing people, and that the source of my intense emotional distress is MBVR, isn’t he admitting that it’s his own actions — his and other interviews — that could trigger the potential mass murder he’s trying to warn everyone about?

16:00 – He falsely claims that I posted a photo of his home in Oregon.  I did not know he lived in Oregon until he recorded this interview.  The series of events he recounts did not happen.  He also fails to point out that as the son of a police officer, myself, who was forced to move, at age 7, as a result of death threats, that I’ve actually been through what he’s claiming and even if I did know where he lives — I only know he’s somewhere in Bend — I would not do that to him and his family.  I have a copy of his post he put up on Facebook of his own home.  I do not know his address.  However, in the years following him becoming involved, he was involved in sending people to my various homes to trespass and take photos; these photos are posted on the Social Media Monster fan page.  What he’s accusing me of is what he actually did to me.

18:00 – Again, I have no history of violence — I’ve been in very, very few fights for an average male even though I grew up in a violent neighborhood in Akron, Ohio — and earlier in the interview when he talks about me thinking I saw him in a gas station, I didn’t say a word to him and went about my business.  I’ve traveled the country to 2,800 cities, met tens of thousand of people, and there’s simply no evidence to back up the claims he’s making about me.  I’ve peacefully traveled the country for 12 years and the record reflects this.

20:04 — Halcon establishes that his interview took place after I opened my newspaper to expose corruption in St Joseph, Missouri, a media effort that was going well and had great support from the community until the MBVR interviews started circulating around the city.  Note his personal pleas to establish a rapport with fellow police and to remind them of how dangerous he believes I am, an attempt to push police into investigate me for conducting journalism and activism.  I have in fact left cities after repeated death threats were launched against me as a result of Peter’s previous smear campaigns and the subsequent MBVR campaigns.  He attempts to claim that because I’m leaving jurisdictions that I’m not being investigated, but activism and journalism are not crimes.  He acknowledges that journalists are often targets, yet in my case ignores his own statement.

22:38 – There isn’t anyone out there who isn’t aware of my deep hatred of journalists, and why I feel that way.  Yet, many people also hate journalists and this doesn’t suggest they’re mass murderers.  Over the years my work has addressed that cyber bullying has been the trigger for numerous mass shootings. I do, in fact, deeply understand the emotional distress that is experienced when a person is targeted.  Of course, Halcon’s also just talked at great length of the emotional distress his own MBVR campaign has inflicted. I assert that if they did this to someone far less stable than me, who is actually at risk of committing a shooting, they would have already starting killing.  If he believes his own words, people would already be dead. The psychological torture I’ve been subject to as a result of Ross, Halcon and their years of stalking and harassing me — via the use of over 800 social media accounts — has left me damaged and broken.  These interviews do not address the fact that they’ve posted hundreds of thousands of pieces of content about me and have been privately harassing me for over a decade.

24:29 – After local media in St. Joseph listened to this interview, they held a mass shooter drill even though I’d made no threat to them whatsoever, and had simply opened a competing newspaper.  The mass shooter drills were held and editors ordered any reporter who saw me to call the police, which had the sole effect of blocking me from working as a reporter in St. Joseph, wrecking my newspaper.  Even though if one conducts an investigation into Halcon’s statements and can easily learn he’s bold faced lying, the journalists didn’t vet a single thing he said and fell for his willful scam.  And he wonders why I hate journalists!

25:56 –  I was in fact homeless and disabled and eventually became a millionaire, over the years, the result of a business relationship with a Facebook engineer.  Halcon recounts my massive social media campaigns in various cities, and names a list of cities: Akron, the subject of my film Poison in the Grapes, Virginia, where I was later credited for exposing the largest corruption scandal in Virginia history (At the time he recorded this interview he was still claiming my efforts were a fraud attempt, but the scandal broke 8 months later and vindicated me).  His references to these campaigns is a direct admission that when he says “incidents” he’s referring to my activism career for ToxicWasteSites.org, and other efforts to expose corruption.  He wants my activism stopped.

28:55  I conduct consumer activism as well, working with large companies to resolve service issues.  Halcon reveals that every activism cause I conduct, he communicates with the target of my campaigns, telling them I’m a dangerous man and a mass murderer.  He’s essentially scamming and terrorizing these people with false information, with the intent of damaging my activism.  In spite of him, I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of companies in the US, to address consumer issues.   He’s directly stating that he’s working behind the scenes to derail me.

30:30 –  I’ve had ten million readers and he can find only a hundred people angry at me.  In every case, you’ll find these people he claims I had conflicts with Googled my name and found the very smear campaigns that exist to this very day.  He’s causing the conflicts and has been for nine years.   

 31:24 – He states that he makes his statement under the penalty of perjury.