Why Haven’t The Police And FBI Investigated The Crimes Committed Against Me?

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Why Haven’t The Police And FBI Investigated The Crimes Committed Against Me?

January 13, 2022 Matthew Berdyck 0


One of the most frequent and repetitive questions I receive, in regards to the massive cyber crime I’m a victim of, is “Why aren’t the police doing anything about any of this?”  The second most prevalent question is “Where is the media in all of this?”  The latter question is the one I can’t answer with any clarity, because I really can’t explain why journalists all across the country, at almost every major and minor media outlet, have refused to publish anything about this organization or the situation I’m in. Regardless, I do believe that journalists are wholly responsible for enabling the crimes via the act of suppression.

Is There Cop Smart Enough To Listen?

As for police and FBI, I believe it’s a combination of corruption, lack of proper training, and pure idiocy that has led me to be trapped in a virtual prison of online defamation, stalking, and cyber harassment. The facts are that over the last several years, numerous online predators have been sentenced to federal prison for doing far less  than what’s been done to me.  What is staggering is that I haven’t just spent the last nine years trying to obtain an investigation, I’ve exhausted roughly a decade just trying to get a police officer just to listen and take a report.  In reality, it’s takes a person of unusually high intelligence to be able to process what I’m enduring, but police agencies aren’t exactly known for hiring geniuses.

As the son of a police officer who was of higher than average intelligence, I watched my father’s career continually negatively affected by how smart he was; he was smart enough that if he was promoted too high in the organization, he’d rock the boat and endanger the status quo.  I can point directly to the New York case of the man who police refused to hire because he tested too high on intelligence tests.  My opinion is that the crime I’m a victim of exist at a much higher level of sophistication than average cops can process.

My father had one axiom that he continually pounded into my head, “It’s a police officer’s job to enforce the law, not interpret it.”  Yet, there wasn’t a single officer who not only failed to listen but also there isn’t a single one of them who didn’t attempt to tell me I wasn’t a victim of a crime, even though they’d not heard the entire story and I could point directly to the laws that have been violated and cases that had resulted in past felony convictions.

There’s So Many Crimes, I Could Write A Novel

A solid example of the above concept is the theft of my computer server for ToxicWasteSites.org and the subsequent public data dump of trade secrets.  My computer tower was in storage.  The person storing it illegally sold it to the group stalking me.  Even without the illegal eviction and sale of my property, the law states that I own my data   The physical “sale” of my computer tower did not transfer ownership of the data contained on its hard drives.  When the group created Facebook fan pages filled with videos of my data, copies of unreleased scripts, and embarrassing leaks of recording studio rough demos, they engaged in the felony act of theft and dissemination of trade secrets.  Creating the online public archive of abusive videos was done solely to inflict emotional harm, an act of targeting and a violation of California cyber harassment laws; that more than one person was behind this makes it a felony conspiracy.

The same thing goes for the theft of my cat   The group interacted with a man who was watching my kitty for me, they convinced him to keep her, and then filled Facebook with alarming video montages of my pet, synced to sad music, for no other reason than to target me and inflict severe emotional distress.  My kitty was my PTSD support animal, her kidnapping was emotionally destructive to me and almost led to my suicide.  They then publicly claimed I didn’t love her and had abandoned her, when nothing could have  been further from the truth.  Once she was gone, Columbus filmmaker Peter John Ross — the ring leader of this group — continually mocked me that she was gone.

Another crime committed against me was when a woman who worked at the desk of a hotel had Googled my name, found the web of false information  and took photos of the license plates of my then new BMW.  Within two days of buying my car, there was a Facebook fan page running with photos of my license plates.  Once they had my plate numbers, they located my VIN number, which they used to set up a CarFax account, and for the remainder of the time that I owned my vehicle, they used an anonymous e-mail account to sent me copies of CarFax notifications.  Via the CarFax account, they could track my location when I would get an oil change, as the maintenance was reported to CarFax.  At one point they even sent me a reminder that it was time to update my registration.  E-mails were sent to police agencies all over the country, containing my license plate and VIN numbers, claiming I had guns and cocaine in my car, attempting to scam the police into swatting me.

The Anonymous E-Mailer

The anonymous e-mail address was repeatedly used to forward copies of communications the group had with police agencies, journalists and organizations.  In Urbandale, Iowa I’d managed to get an officer to agree to take a report.  Shortly thereafter, St. Joseph City Councilman Brian Myers — another one of the parties behind this  conspiracy — contacted the officer and talked her out of investigating.  When she agreed in writing to drop the matter, her e-mail stating as such was forwarded to me by the anonymous e-mail account, filled with laugher emojis.  They’d scammed the police again.  The same exact mocking e-mails were sent to me when they scammed the Southern California ACLU into not taking my case; obviously, my first amendment rights are being violated by an elected official but the ACLU fell for the scheme and agreed in writing to not support me.  Equally the same, were the e-mails they’d used to talk the editor of the Des Moines Register into killing an article about when I’d become a local hero for saving a woman from a man who’d attacked her, in a bar.

In Knoxville, Iowa, copies of e-mails between a man named Adam Roorda and the county Sheriff were sent to me, to show me they’d gotten to the police and manipulated them.  The Sheriff didn’t ask any questions, forwarded the false allegations all over the county and soon I was the target of an investigation.  They used a fake Facebook account to contact people in my town, like the chef at a local restaurant, who knee jerk reacted and called the police.  His post stating that he’d been contacted and the police told him it was a hoax is posted to this very day.

To date, I’ve lost 8 homes to this type of targeting, costing me over $100k in emergency moving fees, after the group located a local citizen to trespass at my homes, take photos, and then threaten me with violence.  In each case, I was exposing corruption in the either the local city government or the police, leaving me unable to get police services while being violently chased from my home.  The most pressing example of this was Warren County, Virginia, where Sheriff McEathron, who refused to investigate the crimes at my home, shot himself when it turned out he was the business partner or the local leader I’d exposed for corruption.

For years, in every state in the nation, these crimes were orchestrated against me, as I traveled the country, while the group behind all of this publicly portrayed themselves as my victims.  Police, DA’s, media, FBI, all knew this was happening but no one would act, as I was slowly drained of millions of dollars until I ended up homeless in the streets of downtown LA.

The LA FBI, SF FBI, DC FBI and FBI director’s received copies of these anonymous e-mails.  I filed IC3 complaints but they would not respond or investigate.  If one looks at the type of corruption I’m exposing, it’s obvious the federal government is protecting itself by not investigating and appears to have offered this group blanket immunity to commit any crime they want.  Or maybe they’re just idiots.  Blaming conspiracy for what can easily attributed to idiocy,  is a fools game.  Until there is an investigation, no one will know the answers as to what has really happened to me.

Well, I’ve Never Heard Of You!

As an investigator myself, one whose investigations have been repeatedly ironically admired by police and FBI agents, the investigation into what’s happened to me is a wonderful challenge, a great opportunity for law enforcement to peer inside the inner machinations  of a lawless, self admitted vigilante group, an opportunity to bust what I believe is one of the most bizarre and complex cyber stalking cases in US history.   But because the starting point for triggering the investigation is low level officers, who are obviously not the best of the best, I’m continually told, “There’s no crime happening, here,” after no less than a half hour of trying to explain a situation that’s been going on for a decade.

When I’ve managed to make it to detectives, the only response I’ve received is “Well, we’ve never heard of you!”  The very media that continually trashes their names has also failed to tell my story — for whatever reason — which has left me with a prolific national career that very few people know about.  Because journalists won’t do their jobs, the story hasn’t made it into public, resulting in police agencies not knowing who I am, leading to a circular and absurd situation that fully enables and empowers the group that is stalking me to death.

The Death Threats Continue

Behind the scenes I’m still receiving e-mails from yet another account that has repeatedly threatened to kill me and eat my body, threatened to kill my mother, I’m being bombarded by anonymous Twitter accounts with references to assassination, with mine and my grandson’s name posted on them, saying “Soon.”   I’ve got e-mails telling me I’m being tracked and that I’ll be murdered in my sleep.  They’re signed with the name Peter John Ross, the man who is orchestrating all of this against me, the very same man who made a movie about me claiming I’m going to snap and become a mass murderer, the man with a half a dozen other victims going back two decades, who all tell the same story.

These  e-mails I’m receiving are filled with admissions of guilt, “I’m winning and destroying your life because I’ve trashed your name to the point that no one believes you .”

No matter what has happened, or who is behind all of this, one fact remains, between Mr. Ross and myself, I’m the only one demanding an investigation into the identity of the anonymous stalker as him and everyone around him continually work to prevent that from happening.

Matthew Berdyck