I Am A Victim Of A Massive Cyber Crime

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I Am A Victim Of A Massive Cyber Crime

January 11, 2022 Matthew Berdyck 0


It all started 4 years ago with with a group of allegedly reputable people who decided to get together and form an agreement to engage in a conspiracy to destroy my name and reputation with lies, manipulations of reality, using a web of disinformation, fake accounts, search engine optimization, click bait, aggressive private harassment and proxy recruiting.

MBVR – The Foundation Of The Scam

They gave themselves a name, MBVR, Matthew Berdyck Victim Resources.  The allegation that they made against me is that I am an online stalker and they are the core victims.  They created a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a SoundCloud account, where they posted the foundation of their scheme, a series of 3 hours of audio interviews where each party enjoined in this conspiracy recounted their alleged personal experiences with me.

They also created a Google Drive which they claim features years of evidence, a massive drive of screenshots, documents, video and audio.  The sum total of everything uploaded creates so much content and data that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to sift through all of it, a common tactic used in court cases, overloading the case with alleged information, as to make it virtually impossible for anyone to view all of it and to also make it virtually impossible for me to explain the situation.

The 3 hours of audio interviews have no consistency whatsoever, frequently discrediting their own words, contradicting each other’s stories, extraordinary timeline errors, blatant fabrications of historical events, to the point that anyone who actually listens to all three hours of content comes to the conclusion that they’re all lying, even going as far as admitting to engaging in conspiracy, lying about the involvement of police agencies, federal organizations, DA offices, and FBI.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts proclaim that they document my actions and don’t “harass him back.”  Behind the scenes, they operate a massive web of fake Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Gmail, YouTube, WordPress, and Blogger accounts which are used exclusively to engage in aggressive and intense harassment, also used for Search Engine Optimization; to create a web of online content used rearrange my search results, so that as any person learns of me, they can Google my name and be led directly to the online scheme.

Proxy recruiting is the act of luring in innocent victims to do “dirty work.”  This tactic is used to scam people into harassing me, by convincing them they are “getting the bad guy.”  To date, I’ve been harassed, attacked, and threaten by hundreds of thousands of people, online.  As these attacks have continued, the group monitored my social media accounts and screenshotted people attacking me, posted them on the Google Drive, creating a circular scam, via the use of what is called a ‘search engine optimization as retaliation campaign’ that not only incited massive internet mobbing incidents, but slowly filled the Google Drive with content to further the online scam.  In a sense, they put the cart before the horse, posed as victims, to create more alleged victims who weren’t actually victims but were online aggressors who attacked me after viewing the masterfully crafted disinformation campaign.  They screenshotted the results of their own actions and used to to portray me as a stalker and a troll.

Much like a Nigerian scam, the content used to lure people into the scheme was goofy, outlandish , published on anonymous blogs filled with ridiculous statements, obviously abusive content, designed in a way to detract people with logical reasoning skills and only lure in people who were foolish enough to believe everything they read on the internet.  This served a two fold purpose; it generated attackers and it appeared to be created by an obviously crazy person so that people with intelligence couldn’t understand why anyone would take it seriously, the very same question most of us ask when we receive a Nigerian scam e-mail, “Who could possibly fall for this crap?”

The design of the campaign left me an ongoing stalking victim, trying to get help, only to be left with people, and police, around me who couldn’t seem to understand what the big deal was, remanding me to an utter helplessness that I couldn’t not escape.  As of of this progressed through the years, not only was I the target of hundreds of thousands of online bullies, MBVR sent me e-mails bragging about what they were doing to me, telling me they were controlling my life, detailing out their plots against me, mocking me for not being able to get help.  

Publicly the members of MBVR were saying “Can you believe how crazy he is to think that a group of people is stalking him?”  Privately, they were sending me e-mails saying “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”  Publicly, they portrayed me as destroying their lives, but privately they were sending e-mails mocking me, saying I was powerless and had no ability to negatively effect their lives, bragging about each member of MBVR’s career successes.

My Travels And Eventual Loss

As all of this was happening, I was traveling the country, changing police jurisdictions, making it so that there wasn’t any one police agency that had jurisdiction over the matter, so complex and deranged that if I did attempt to go to police and tell an officer what was happening, they’d look at me like I was crazy.  I was also becoming more and more successful and the bigger my audiences got, the more success my viral media campaigns generated, the more people got roped into the scheme, believing they were helping catch a bad guy, completely unaware that they were participating in destroying the work of this organization.  Almost no one who got involved was aware that what they were doing was being used to protect the US EPA, to destroy cancer cluster investigations, to decimate efforts to expose corruption surrounding the redevelopment of still polluted Superfund sites, to wipe out my ability to educate the public about toxic waste sites, and trash my name to the point that no environmental scientist or activist would talk to me, as I was arguably investigating what I still believe is the single worst environmental scandal in US history.

As I traveled, engaged in hundreds of powerful causes, thousands of journalists learned of my story but refused to tell it   To date, the editors of every major media outlet in the country have not only heard my story, they’ve witnessed the attacks and have wholly refused to publish a single world about what I’ve endured, creating the grey area which has allowed MBVR to exist.  Also, more often than not, because of the localized nature of my campaigns, I was left counting on the very corrupt officials and police I was exposing to investigate the crimes committed  against me.  If they helped me and took out my political opposition, it would only make me more powerful and would result in the destruction of their own status quo.  In this way, it became a crime of convenience; the group would be afforded immunity from prosecution if they got rid of me, a win/win situation for everyone involved in opposing me.

During these years I was very, very rich due to a large investment into this .org   The money allowed me to fend off the attacks, allowed me to move from town to town after the group would invade the community with disinformation and ostracize me.  It took them over 4 years to drain me financially, as Peter John Ross sent me messages, “Keep spending that money,” revealing that he was leading a group that was engaged in a war of financial attrition.  Even though we’d raised no funds, Ross branded me as a financial fraud and “grifter.”

Eventually, they got the best of me, I lost everything after they scammed the owner of my storage space in Des Moines into throwing everything I owned into the street.  I ended up homeless in Los Angeles.  Then they struck.

The Attack 

Up until this point there were hundreds of thousand of pieces of content confirming my story, evidence from my career, photos, video, posts with tens of thousands of likes, to confirm my vast success with viral media.  I had six Facebook pages with years of posts, six websites that showed every part of my career, an entire online cache evidence which completely discredited the words of MBVR.  Only 3 months into my homelessness, Peter John Ross announced the Social Media Monster film, which publicly features all of the members of MBVR.  But with my content posted, the film could not survive and they realized this.

Dead homeless, living in a bush in North Hollywood, experiencing severe emotional distress, and on the verge of suicide, they began an assault on GoDaddy, slamming them with fake copyright complaints against my website, DMCA complaints in the name of a fake person in Florida named Nathan Baker.  In reality, the filer of these complaints was a man named Luis Rodriguez, who is the Associate Producer of Social Media Monster .  GoDaddy staff became so frustrated with the situation that they banned me as a customer, deleted my websites, put them back on the market, at which point they were purchased by the film production.  My work was erased and replaced with commercials for the film.

Next, they created over 800 social media accounts; 300 Facebook accounts, 200 Twitter accounts, 120 YouTube accounts, and more, and began bombing me with what became hundreds of thousands of harassing comments, triggering severe emotional distress, nothing less than vicious psychological torture, putting up posts urging me to commit suicide, over and over again.

As this was happening, they ran Gmail accounts, Gabekaplan1937@gmail.com, and Supertrollweb@gmail.com, and sent me over 400,000 harassing e-mails, bragging about the crimes they were committing.  Media outlets, FBI offices, police agencies, DA’s offices, received copies of the Gabekaplan1937 emails.  There are hundreds of witnesses, including numerous directors at the FBI, KTLA, Washington Post, New York Times, NBC Washington, The Intercept, Guardian, Buzzfeed, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Center For Investigative Journalism, The Atlantic, Columbia Journalism Review, every voting member of the Pulitzer community, and on and on.  Every one of these media outlets sat back and watched this group slowly wiped me out until I no longer existed.

The group contacted a person where I’d stored the last of my belongings, scammed the man into sending them my server for ToxicWasteSites.org, which contained trade secrets, unreleased movie scripts, music, and photos of my children.  They dumped out the entire contents of my hard drive into the internet, created embarrassing videos out of my unreleased  music, running entire FB fan pages filled with stolen data.  Facebook policy advisor  Jen Ridings watched all of this happen and managed to get about 50 of the fake accounts deleted.  This did not stop them.

They then roped four people around the country into filing bogus restraining orders against me, and even though I’d agreed to accept service, they told me I couldn’t and they were going to hunt me down like a dog.  By this time, I’d found a temporary place to live, but they used the GabeKaplan1937@gmail.com email to contact the homeowner and get me thrown back into the street   Once back in the streets of LA, they hired a private investigator to follow me around and film me, eventually walking up to me and serving me.  Once they obtained the service video, they posted  it on Facebook and marketed to every member of the film and entertainment industry in LA, 13,000 views on YouTube, until YouTube deleted it for a privacy violation.

They used the online smear campaign to scam the Gilroy Police into falsely arresting me, via the use of a website proclaiming I was on the run from multiple state and federal agencies.

Then the pandemic hit.  Sick with a lung infection, my son had rescued me from the street.  I returned to Ohio, barely alive.   I’d made it out.  Just as I was beginning to work with the courts in Akron, Ohio, to begin investigating the matter, and to file restraining orders, I was blocked from doing so when I was charged with “harassing” Peter John Ross.

Even though the police and prosecutor were aware that he was stalking me, and that the city had provided grant funding for his film, I was charged.  Columbus waited an entire year, until I was dead broke and almost literally dead to charge me with a crime, a misdemeanor.   I tried for the next few months to resolve the matter but the prosector’s office directly blocked me from handling the case.    No lawyer for a hundred miles would take the case because Ross was enjoined with an elected official from Missouri and there’s evidence of entrapment and conflicts of interest.

To date, I’ve tried on 12 separate occasions to resolve the matter but the prosecutor will not return my calls.  Eventually, when the courts would not budge, I had no choice to return to California, where I ended up homeless again.  Just after the charges were filed, Ross created 85 separate Facebook accounts, and the prosecutors office in Columbus watched him place over 14,000 harassing comments on my Facebook pages and did nothing to stop it.

When I attempted to create fan pages to expose Ross for what he was doing, he states he got a friend at Facebook to wipe out all of my accounts, deleting all of the evidence of my campaigns, all of the evidence confirming my career, causing a loss of 20,000 fans, the page for ToxicWasteSites.org, my movie sites, my business pages, and cutting me off from my support network and every person who could confirm my story.  I had been completely erased, a man with no past, leaving Peter John Ross free to re-write my life as he saw fit.

Near Death And Rebirth

Eventually, I succumbed to the elements.  On July 29th of 2020, I was found dying on a sidewalk in Martinez, California.  I had broken teeth, blood pouring out of my lungs, blisters all over my skin from sunburns.  Just before I thought I was going to die, I sent one last email to the media and FBI, begging them to save my life.  No one wrote back.  Three days later, I woke up, shocked that I was alive and angry that I had lived.  In spite of this, I got up, borrowed $3000 from my mom, bought myself a car, got a job doing Door Dash and Instacart, and slowly started rebuilding my life and career.

Peter John Ross and MBVR never stopped and continue their online scam to this very day.  There are still over 200 social media accounts, fake websites, and now a movie attempting to re-write my entire life and brand me as a mass murderer, a film which claims to document the last three years of my life, that has nothing I just wrote, in the film.

Peter is a fraud, a con man, and the leader of an ongoing crime ring that has hurt and exploited millions of innocent people.  He continues to engage with this group and wage a felony conspiracy to commit cyber harassment; if one single investigator was committed to unraveling the past, all of these people involved would spend a decade behind bars.  My opinion is that what they’ve done to me is one of the most vast and prolific cyber crimes in the history of this country.  That media has suppressed it is utterly astounding but is anyone really shocked journalism is corrupt  and wholly without integrity?

The rest remains to be seen

I assert, under the penalty of perjury, that the above story is true and factual and I have a drive of evidence to prove it.  I also assert that this is only one very, very small part of the story, an incident which spans 2,800 cities, in every state in the nation.

-Matthew Berdyck